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The End of Women

18 minute read

The technological and social changes of the last 60 years have created extreme disruptions in the way men and women carry out the mating dance. The battle of...

The Paradox of Choice

18 minute read

The feminist movement is one of the best illustrations of “Be careful what you wish for”. The movement’s success created a paradox for itself: as women’s...

The Closer

8 minute read

‘I supported the #metoo movement but the whole time I thought that they way that they handled it was stupid. It was…it was white. They were doing shit lik...

What Does it Mean When They Stop Pretending

4 minute read

The Last Psychiatrist, one of my favorite writers, is famous for banging the drum about the most narcissistic generation in history: “Narcissists don’t feel ...

Consent is a Low Bar

12 minute read

Historically, in western societies, sex before marriage was rare: families and communities exerted significant pressure on a man to “do the right thing” and ...

The Illusion of Liquidity

7 minute read

The other day, Hunter Fox mentioned “The Internet Infinity Fallacy:” it’s a great title, an important idea, and a better post. Take a minute and go read i...

A Prison of One’s Own Choosing

24 minute read

Technological progress is the only force that creates rising living standards over time. It has liberated hundreds of millions of people from poverty as we ...

Market Failure in the Marriage Market

9 minute read

Disclaimer: This essay asserts characteristics of men and women on average, which when looked at through the lens of markets, allows us to see the direction ...

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